Cloud Migration

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Cloud Migration with ZERO Downtime!

When you choose MigrateWeb, you are choosing an elite staff of highly experienced professionals to provide high quality cloud migration services. Our company will help you to thoroughly understand, as well as navigate, the various options available to have cloud hosting added to your websites and other business applications.

Before we can begin cloud migration services, we will have to analyze your websites and applications to ensure they are a good fit for cloud hosting. Our company will determine your current server environment, and recommend the best environment suited to your company.

There are multiple solutions available. Not only might we recommend public cloud hosting, but we could suggest a hybrid solution. The hybrid combines public hosting with physical dedicated servers, or even private virtual hosting platforms, to ensure the proper environment is created.

Once the environment has been chosen, we can begin cloud migration process. It will be simple for our talented team to configure cloud servers and start migrating your websites and applications to it. We will do load testing to optimize your websites and applications, maximizing their scalability and elasticity benefits of cloud.

Our crew will handle all of the work, though we will happily guide you along the way to explain the steps. Hiring a company to migrate cloud will save you in time, as well as money, in comparison to manually migrating. We can do the full work in half the time, while ensuring that none of your information is lost in the process.

MigrateWeb will aid you in moving your current, existing server application workloads to supported public clouds, or between providers. You won’t be required to rebuild, or even work with a template, thanks to the automated cloud migration process. The process with Cloud Path moves the entire server, including the operating system, storage configuration, network and applications.

We are more than capable of migrating servers to a public cloud, or even a virtual server, from other cloud hosting providers, dedicated servers or virtual ones. Not only that, but we are highly experienced in updating operating systems, moving images or hosting databases. Our cloud migration services are unbeatable, complete with a professional team with vast experience in migrating cloud servers.

100% Uptime

We will move your website over to the new host with guaranteed 100% uptime

Changing Domains (URL)

If you require Domain or URL changes, our team will take care of it

DNS Settings

Our Team will change the DNS settings to new hosting, Email settings and everything in between

Full Backup

First, We generate Full Backup of the old server and download a full data/media copy

Secure Migration

Secure Website Migration is Initiated and We move your website over to the new host.

FInal Showdown

After double checking everything, we make the website live from the new host!

MigrateWeb provides 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you are not satisfied from our services. We won’t charge you!