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Move WordPress Site with ZERO Downtime!

As Pioneers in the web/data migration industry, we pride ourselves on having a staff of highly experienced WordPress Migration specialists that are second to none. And, to date, we have actually been responsible for moving more domains, servers and websites than any other Website Migration providers combined. In fact, we have helped more than ten thousand satisfied clients when they needed to move their WordPress website to a new host. We guarantee that we have a solution for each and every one of your WordPress Website transfer requirements.

There are numerous reasons for you to move to a new host, like security or bandwidth issues, server upgrading, or just to save some money, but nobody wants to embark on that change if they’re going to be at-risk for data loss or downtime. From hundreds of pages involved in a WordPress Migration to files in the millions in the course of a Cloud Migration, any DIY mistake could shut down your site until the problem is found and fixed. So, don’t lose time and money by trying to do it yourself. You’re much better off with professionals who have successfully done this time and time again. A botched WordPress Migration could negatively affect your bottom-line more than you could even imagine.

So, what about DNS changes and any other necessary settings changes? We take care of all of them for you. We provide full-service WordPress Migration that is cost-effective, plus we guarantee you absolutely no data loss or downtime. And, our WordPress Migration service carries a 100% money back guarantee. We’re quite proud to say that we are the only company that offers that.

100% Uptime

We will move your website over to the new host with guaranteed 100% uptime

Changing Domains (URL)

If you require Domain or URL changes, our team will take care of it

DNS Settings

Our Team will change the DNS settings to new hosting, Email settings and everything in between

Full Backup

First, We generate Full Backup of the old server and download a full data/media copy

Secure Migration

Secure Website Migration is Initiated and We move your website over to the new host.

FInal Showdown

After double checking everything, we make the website live from the new host!

MigrateWeb provides 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you are not satisfied from our services. We won’t charge you!